Model Question Paper -Optical Mark Reader
Last Grade Official [LGO] Examination for the promotion ofPostal Assistants/Sorting Assistants

Write with Ball Point pen in boxes and HB pencils for darkening the responses forMCQs [Multiple Choice Questions] Max Marks 100 PAPER – II Time 60 Minutes

1. The reply post card system service from India is available for the following foreign countries.

[a] France [b] Bhutan [c] Myanmar [d] Srilanka

2. Unpaid articles addressed by the public to officials of the Department of Post shouldbe taxed with postage, treated as refused and forward to _________ for returning tosender
[a] Sender [b] Head of Department of Posts [c] RLO [d] office of posting

3. Registered Bundles are prepared whenever there are more than ______ uninsuredRegistered articles of the letter mail for any Post Office for which any direct mail bagis not closed.
[a] Three [b] Four [c] Two [d] Six

4 Greetings mails posted in non-seasonal period sent by earliest available
[a] Surface mode [b] Air lift mode [c] Air lift without collecting surcharge[d] Treated as First Class mails for dispatch

5 Territorial Bundles are prepared when number of articles is ________ or more.
[a] 12 [b] 16 [c] 30 [d] 25

6 In Meghdoot Millennium Point of Sale [POS] to go to the next field press
[a] Enter/TAB key [b] Alt Key [c} Del key [d] Ctrl key

7. Crediting annual premium for a Rural Postal Life Insurance [RPLI] policy,Grace period of ______ days will be allowed for the holder to pay the premiumwithout fine.
[a] 30 days [b] 45 days [c] 60 days [d] 75 days

8 Yellow strip in corner check slips are used for
[a] Rajdhani mails [b] Metro mails [c] Air-Mails [d] Express Bundle

9. Rebate rate for RPLI Policy premium payment for twelve advance months is
[a] 0.5 % [b] 1% [c] 2% [c] 2 ½ %

10 For issuing duplicate RPLI/PLI policy, application in prescribed format should besubmitted in Rs ________ Stamp paper .
[a] Rs 50 [b] Rs 100 [c] Rs 250 [d] Rs 60

11 Direct Parcel Bags are closed whenever there are __________ or moreRegistered /Insured parcels to a particular Delivery PO
[a] Three [b] Four [c] Five [d] Six

12 . AV2 statement generally represents
[a] Air Mail correspondence posted in Ships [b] Correspondence letters posted in UNCamp [c] Correspondence letters posted in Foreign Boundary [d] Correspondencesletters posted in Military Zone

13 ‘FOAS’ Means
[a] Follow Army Official Service [b] Free On Airmail Service[c] Free On Active Service [d] First Aide on Service

14. In the case of suicide by the policy holder of RPLI after ______ years, the nomineewill get the eligible surrender value
[a] Five [b] Two [c] Three [d] Six months

15. The maximum amount to be deposited in a Monthly Income Account Scheme by anindividual depositor is
[a] Rs 1.50 lakhs [b] 9.0 lakhs [c] 4.5 lakhs [d] 6.0 lakhs

16. The Interest Bearing Balance [IBB] in Postal Saving Bank Account will becalculated based on ______th instant of every month
[a] 5 [b] 21 [c] 10 [d] 1

17. Interest of TD account in Post office calculated in----------- basis.
[a] monthly compound [b] bimonthly compound [c] tri-monthly compound[d] yearly compound

18. The Maximum balance kept by the depositors in a Joint POSB Account is
[a] 1 lakhs [ b] 2 lakhs [c] 3 lakhs [d] 4lakhs

19. An oblong stamp contains
[a] Month stamp [b] Audit stamp[c] Month & Audit stamp [d] Month &Year Stamp

20 The custodian of Insurance Stamp in a Sub Post Office is
[a] Mail PA [b] Sub Postmaster [c] Counter PA [d] MTS Employee

21 PLI premium in a particular policy will be accepted in any Post office in_____
[a] a Head Office [b] in a postal Division [c] in a Postal Circle [d] Whole India

22. i-MO contains ___________________ digits
[A] 8 [ b] 16 [c ] 12 [d] 10

23. Message portion in an e-MO limited into _________ characteristics
[a] 20 [b] 50 [c] 30 [d] 40

24. The maximum amount can send by e-MO is
[a]Rs 10000 [b] Rs 5000 [c} Rs 2000 [d] Rs 1000

25 The maximum amount sends by i-MO
[a]Rs100000/- [b] Rs 50000/- [c] Rs10000/- [d] Rs 20000/-

26 The amount of postage required for sending 200gm by way of book post
[a] Rs 8/- [b] Rs 10 [c] Rs 13/- [d] None

27. The minimum tariff amount to be insured on a postal article.
[a] Rs 100/- [b]Rs 500/- [c] Rs1000/- [d] Rs 200/-

28 The savings earned by a customer in commission by way sending an amount ofRs 5000/-, if he adopt i- MO service instead of e-MO.service
[a] Rs 100/- [b] Rs 50/- [c] Rs 75/- [d] Rs 200/-

29. If a bag label superscripted as ‘CAP’, it means.
[a] Care Adopted Parcel [b] Contain Air Parcel[c] Certified Approved Packing [d] Care after Packing

30. The registered letter addressed to foreign countries bear the bar-code as ________
[a] EBL [b] RR [c] RL [d] IN

31. A Poste restante article [except VP article] will kept under deposit for a period of__________________ Days/ weeks/months
.[a] 15 days [b]one week [c] one month [d] 45 days

32. Redirection fee charged for inland parcels is_______________
[a] postage prepaid initially [b] Rs 10/- [c] half the prepaid postage [d] Rs 32/-

33. Complaints relating to loss/ non receipt of MO/VP articles should be lodgedwith in_________________ days
[a] One year [b] 45 days [c] one month [d] six months

34. Maximum weight of a letter article would not exceed _________ gms.
[a] 1000 gms [c] 500 gms [c] 2000 gms [d] 250 gms

35. For ‘blind literature packet’ the following charge has to be borne by the sender.
[a] registration fee [b] acknowledgement fee[c] postage fee [d] air surcharge fee

36. Maximum value of Field Postal Order is______________
[a] Rs 10000 [b] Rs 25000 [c] Rs 50000/- [d] Rs One lakhs

37. Minimum insurance fee at present levied is Rs.______________
[a] Rs 2/- [b] Rs 5/- [c] Rs 6/- [d] Rs 10/-

38. Commission to be paid for a Indian Postal Order of Rs 100/-
[a] 5/- [b] Rs 10/- [c] Rs 12.50 [d] Rs One

39. The fee charged for issuing a duplicate Savings Bank Passbook is________
[a] Rs 2/- [b] Rs 5/- [c] Rs 10 /- [d] Rs 25/-

40. A customer presented an insured VP letter, insurance amount Rs 300/- and VPamount Rs 100/- with affixed prepaid postage stamp worth Rs 10/- weighing 23grams in POS counter of a Post office. The amount collected by the POS PA fromthe customer is _____________
[a] Rs 26/- [b] Rs 38/- [c] Rs 36/- [d] Rs 20/-

41. The sanctioning limit of Time scale Sub Post Master in respect of Savings Certificateclaim is___________
[a] Rs5000/- [b] Rs 500/- [c] Rs1000/- [d] Rs 2500/-

42. A report in respect of all transaction of deposits/withdrawals of Rs 50000/- or abovefrom SB/SC transactions should invariably reported by the in charge of Post Officeto the concerned Superintendent of Post Offices on or before ___________ workingday of the subsequent month
[a] 3rd day [b] 5th [c] 7th [d] 10th

43. ‘The Fatal Disc Error’ in Sanchay Post module is due to computer virus named____
[a] Trojan virus [b] Sality Virus [c] KGB Virus [d] Mouse virus

44. The amount of limit of withdrawal by branch post offices without obtaining thesanction from the Account office is ___________
[a] Rs 500/- [b] Rs 1000/- [c] Rs 2000/- [d] Rs 5000/-

45. Permissible defaults in RD deposit scheme in respect of Defence Personal in FieldPost office is ______________
[a] 7 [b] 4 [c] 5 [d] 6

46. Any repayment of deposit together with interest in any of the Small Savings Schemes exceptSavings Account if becomes Rs.__________ /- or above should only be made either byaccount payee cheque or by crediting into Savings Account of the person standing at the samePost office provided that maximum limit prescribed for single as well as joint SavingsAccount is not exceeded. [Income Tax Act 269-T]
[a] Rs 100000/- [b] Rs 50000/- [c] Rs 20000/- [d] Rs 10000/-

47. If a “ T ” stamp impressed in the middle of the upper part of a postal cover , it shows that
[a] It contains telegrams [b] It is a postage due foreign articles[c] It contains telegraph messages [d] It contain Tax-paid returns

48. For joining in RPLI scheme , the minimum age on next birth day is __________ years
[a] 60 [b] 18 [c] 21 [d] 19

49. The Maximum insurance limit in RPLI policy is Rs ______________
[a} Rs five lakhs [b] Rs four lakhs [c] Rs Three lakhs [d] Rs Two lakhs

50. The annual increment for Postal Assistant/Sorting assistant will be drawn in every _________
[a] January month [b] Month in which he/she joins in the post[c] July month [d] October Month

Answer Key

1 Bhutan
2. RLO
 3. Two
4 Surface Mode
 5 25
 6 Enter/TAB key
 7 75 days
8 Rajdhani Mails
9 2%
10 Rs 100
11 Five
12 Air mail correspondence posted in ship
13 Free On Active Service
14 Two years
15 4.5 lakhs
16 10th
17 Tri-monthly basis
18 Two lakhs
19 Month and audit
20 Sub Postmaster
21 Whole India
22 16 numbers
23 50
24 Rs 5000
25 Rs 50000
26 Rs 13/-
27 Rs 200-/-
28 Rs 100/-
29 Contain air parcel
30 RR
32 Half the prepaid postage
33 Six months
34 2000 gms
35 Air surcharge fee
36 Rs 50000/-
37 Rs 10/-
38 Rs 10/-
39 Rs 10/-
40 Rs 36
41 Rs 1000/-
42 3rd working day
43 Sality virus
44 Rs 5000/-
45 7
46 Rs 20000/-
47 It is a due foreign articles
48 19 years
49 Three lakhs
50 July month

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