FAQ on Seniority of Central Government employees

Frequently Asked Question and Answer table has been published regarding the Seniority of Central Government employees by the Department of Personnel and Training. The instructions/clarifications on seniority has been given by the Government in the form of Question and Answer to understand very easily. Many critical questions is being answered in the FAQ and it is now widely appreciated by the officials. Mostly the Government orders are not being easy to understand at once. We have to read several times and refer prior orders to get the absolute point. In that respect, this method of explanation is quite well. In order to your ready reference the complete contents is reproduced and given below…


  1. Sir,
    I wish like to bring your kind attention to my grievance regarding seniority of LDC’s. I am a direct recruited LDC in a Central Government Office. Our department has issued a seniority list based on the date of approval for regularization and the sequence/order in which the names appear in the approval on the list approved by the Chairman (merit has not been considered).
    2. As per the the DoPT guidelines, the relative seniority of all direct recruits is determined by the order of merit in which they are selected for such appointment on the recommendations of the UPSC or other selecting authority, persons appointed as a result of an earlier selection being senior to those appointed as a result of a subsequent selection. However, the Department has issued the orders (Seniority structure).
    3. Sir, is it justified to all the direct recruited LDC’s as the seniority has been made on the basis of first come first basis list. I hope you will humbly consider the matter & make a way out for us.

    Shailendra Bhandari

  2. I wanted to know about seniority promotion. In am from an autonomous body, where in 2011 direct recruitment was done for the post of LDC. Now since then, the org stopped direct recruitment for LDC and directly released an ad for direct UDC recruitments in 2012.
    So i was recruited in UDC direct recruitment, add published in 2012, exam conducted and final result and call letter issued in 2013 aug.
    now when the first candidate from my batch joined in aug 2013, the org promoted all the LDC of 2011 batch to UDC with him, making them senior to him, and all consequent candidates who joined from Direct UDC recruitment exam in 2013 an 2014.
    So my question is, since the recruitment add for direct UDC recruitment was published in 2011, so the vacancy against which we are appointment was of 2011. However, the LDCs which were promoted had joined as LDC in 2011 only. They were promoted only because Direct recruitment of LDCs was stopped.
    So, isn;t there some seniority rule which gives seniority to UDC selected against advertisement published in 2011, rather than those posted as LDC in 2011, and promoted as UDC in 2013 only because our batch was appointed.