Instant Money Order Service (iMO) - FAQ

Instant Money Order Service (iMO) - FAQ
IMO is a web based instant money transfer service offered by India Post between two individuals within India.
Money booked through iMO can be disbursed in the next minute.
A minimum of Rs. 1,000/- and a maximum of Rs. 50,000/- can be sent through iMO.
Receiver can receive the payment in cash upto Rs.50,000. He can also receive the payment through his post office savings bank account in the same iMO office.
Money can be sent from any iMO center. A simple “To Remit Payment” (given below) form is to be filled up and submitted along with the remittance amount and commission at the iMO counter. A printed receipt with a sealed computer generated confidential 16-digit iMO number is issued to the remitter. The number has to be conveyed by the remitter to the payee by phone, SMS, e-mail or any other means.
The payee can collect money from any iMO post office other than office of booking on presentation of the 16-digit iMO number and production of photo-identity proof. While receiving money the payee will have to fill a simple “To Make Payment” form (given below).
The payee can prove his /her identity by presenting any of the following photo-identity documents:
(a) Voter’s I-Card
(b) PAN Card
(c) Ration Card
(d) Post Office Identity Card
(e) Driving License
(f) Passport
(g) Approved/Recognized Central Government/ State Government/ PSU/Office/College/University ID Card
Given the instant nature of transmission of money, iMO tariff is very reasonable.
Yes, along with money you can also send a message. Choose any one from a list of standardized messages** give below and it will be delivered along with the money at no extra cost.
· It is fast money transfer service from the friendly neighborhood post office – Money can be transferred within a minute.
· It is safe – The money is disbursed only on presentation of the confidential 16-digit iMO number and proof of identity – ensuring that the money reaches the right person.
· It is hassle free – iMO does not involve tedious forms or lengthy procedures. A simple form is to be filled and the money is ready to be transferred.
· It is reliable – India Post has been handling Savings Schemes and Money Transfer for the last 150 years. It is a name you can trust your money with.
The payee can take payment from any iMO Centre in India except the post office where the iMO was booked. This can be a great boon for business travelers, traders, tourists, students, patients admitted to outstation hospitals, etc. as they need not carry cash and can encash iMO as per need at whichever location the need arises.

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