Project Arrow - Query on Sanchaya Post software of newly added Post offices

More than 5,000 new post offices have been added on Account MIS and DET under Project Arrow Phase-VA for monitoring of Core Operations. 

In this regard,  some circles raised the query that in absence of Sanchaya Post software, it is not possible to transmit the Account MIS. (Jharkhand & Rajasthan Circles)  

In this connection trail mail received from CEPT, Mysore is forwarded as a solution on this query for the purposed of DET reporting

In AccountsMIS application, every office can configure their office as a Non-SB office. Similar configuration provisions are also there for Non-Delivery and Non-Booking offices.
The offices where Sanchay Post is not installed, can configure their office as a Non-SB Office using the Configuration Option of AccountsMIS application. Once configured as such, AccountsMIS application will skip all the checks provided in respect of Sanchay Post and the file will be generated without Sanchay Post Data.

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