For the Officials who are going to appear in the Postmaster Grade I exam 2012 

1. Seperate cadre created from LSG officials and for 5yrs service completed PA officials 

2. PM grade I, II, III officies are being carved from LSG, HSGII, HSGI offices respectively. 

3. In future all LSG/HSGII/HSGI offices will be converted as PM Grade I, II, III offices respectively. 

4. Pay fixation will be 5200-2800-20200 

5. PM grade officials will be the Office incharge thro out their career 

6. He won’t work as a subordinate to anyone in his office thro out their career 

7. He will be the sub appointing authority to GDS if he served in unit PM Grade office. 

8. All are time bound promotions after passed PM GR exam. After passed PM Grade I, examination no need to write further examinations for further promotion viz PMGrII, PMGrIII, Sr. PM 

9. 2 yrs probationary period for PM GrI, PM GrII officials 

10. After 6yrs service of PMGrI he will be eligible to serve as PM Grade-II, After 5 yrs service as PMGrII he will be eligible to serve as- PMGrIII and after 2yrs service of PMGrIII he will be eligible to serve as Senior postmaster Cadre 

11. For Senior Postmaster Cadre-75% will be recruited from Administrative line, and 25% Sr. PM officials will be recruited from PM grade officials here after 

12. Appointing authority is CPMG 

13. Circle level seniority will be maintained and Gradation list will be prepared in the same manner. 

14. Concerned Regional DPS will be the head for the DPC 

1. PM Grade officials shall be working as Root level Manager and implementing various projects of DOP. 

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