Revision of Ceiling Rates for various Coronary Stents / Angioplasty & Angioplasty with Balloon for CGHS/CS (MA) beneficiaries

No. Misc. 1002/2006/CGHS(R&H)/CGHS(P)
Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare
Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi 
Dated: the 29th April, 2014
Sub:- Revision of Ceiling Rates for various Coronary Stents / Angioplasty & Angioplasty with Balloon for CGHS/CS (MA) beneficiaries.

With reference to the above mentioned subject, the undersigned is directed to draw attention to the Office Memoranda of even No. dated 7/2/2013, 21/2/2013 and 7/2/2014 and to state that the ceiling rates for reimbursement of drug eluting coronary stents for CGHS beneficiaries / CS(MA) beneficiaries prescribed in the above referred to Office Memoranda are revised w.e.f. the date of issue of this office memorandum as follows:

Revised ceiling rates of Drug Eluting Stents: Rs. 23,6251- (Inclusive of all taxes). Other terms and conditions shall remain the same.

2. This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

(Ravi Kant)
Under Secretary to the Government of India


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