Administrative Union, NFPE holds meeting under the Leadership of Secretary General Com. M. Krishnan with Chief General Manager, Shri S.K.Sinha at the Directorate of Postal Life Insurance on 06.03.2012 and express concern over the existence of the office of the Director, Postal Life Insurance, Kolkata.
A meeting was held in the Directorate of Postal Life Insurance Chankyapuri, New Delhi under the Leadership of Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE to discuss the issues relating to the office of the Director Postal Life Insurance, Kolkata in the event of modernization and recent proposals from PLI, Directorate.
Staff side cited the order of PLI Directorate bearing no. 29-4/DPLI/Monthly Report/2011-LI dated 23-01-2012 and said that so many important items of works, like preparation of Movement Schedule and serialization of valuation cards have been stopped causing 54 numbers of officials excess. Staff side explained that although 49 officials have been entrusted with temporary nature of work yet for them also, pall of uncertainty will soon prevail.
They also said that as the Accounting work for preparation of financial Review and Revenue Accounts and Balance sheet would be done through the “Auto generated compilation system” controlled by the NDC, that will cause further drastic erosion of Staff.
Staff side cited the contradictions of other documents like minutes of the PLI Directorate meeting of 07-12-2011 & Inspection Reports dtd. 12-02-2012 and 14-12-2012.
Staff side urged that the job security of the staff as well as existence of the office of DPLI should be protected by adjusting them against the present and future vacancies of the DPLI office, Kolkata without dislocating them.
CGM explained to the staff side, that for long he has been assuring although there is no other way out but to devise new strategy to face the intense competition in the Insurance market, yet the role of staff in DPLI, Kolkata would be redefined through the skill enhancement and retraining. He also said that the apprehension of the staff side regarding stopping of certain items of work, may not be correct, as all such works would be done in the changed pattern of forms. Staff side explained that as many staff are pretty senior and even in between 50-55 +, it may not be possible for them to make themselves well acquainted with the new patterns of works.
CGM assured that no staff would be dislocated and forced to go out of the DPLI office. However, willing officials may be entrusted with the Job of marketing etc. Staff side urged for training & retraining of the staff of the DPLI office which was accepted to.
Staff side urged for instant issuance of minutes of the meeting to avoid distortion CGM expressed inability.
Staff side shockingly observed that although regarding decentralization of PLI/RPLI in the meeting of 16-01-2012, the request of the staff side to permit the Circle/Regional office branch of PLI to accept, process and service the policies relating to their Headquarter cites where they were located, was accepted to, no order was received by the Circles.
The CGM said that PLI Dte. already issued order on 27.01.2012. Staff sides request for another order asking the CPMGS to implement the same was accepted to.
Regarding the existing vacant posts CGM PLI made it clear that as per the DOP&T Order posts kept vacant for more than one year are to be abolished and hence there is very likely hood of abolishing of all these vacant posts. Instead of abolition, she suggested that these posts may be redeployed to Postal Side.
The meeting was attended by the following:-
Office Side
1. Shri S.K. Sinha, Chief General Manager (PLI)
2. Shri A.K.Poddar, General Manager (PLI)
3. Shri R. Santhakumar, Dy. Divisional Manager (PLI)
Staff Side
1. Shri M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE, New Delhi
2. Shri Pranab Bhattacharjee, Gen Secretary,
AIP Admn. Offices Employees Union, Gr. C & D (NFPE).
3. Shri S.P.Mukherjee, Vice President, NFPE
4. Shri U.S. Chakraborty, Organising Secretary,
Admn. Offices Employees Union, Gr. C & D(CHQ)
The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to & from the chair.
{ Pranab Bhattacharjee}
Gen Secretary, Admn Union

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