26.       Which of the following particulars should also be furnished on the reverse of the daily account.

a)                 Details of remittances received and sent from or to HO or other SO
b)                 Particulars of UCR , UCP, bills paid , reason for holding cash/stamp below minimum or excess maximum
c)                  Requisition for postage entered in remarks column
d)                 All documents sent to along with the daily account
e)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:e

27.       SO summary in Head office is prepared by

            a)         Treasurer                                           b)         Sub account assistant
            c)         HPM                                                   d)         Any one of the above          Ans:b

28.       The purpose of maintaining the SO summary is

a)                 For consolidating the monetary transaction of the SOs in account with it
b)                 To check the transaction of the SOs including the branch offices in account with them
c)                  To watch the cash and stamps and postage due in transit between the HO and the SO under it.
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d

29.       What are the irregularities which are required to be brought to the notice of the postmaster by the sub account assistant?

a)                 When the amount held in cash by a SO exceeds the authorized max balance  and cash is held below the authorized balance
b)                 When the stamps are not sold by SO
c)                  Both the A and B
d)                 Neither A Nor B                                                                                            Ans:a(58)

30.       Remittances from a branch office to its account office are either sent by post or through carrier eg.

            a)         Postmen                                            b)         Village postmen
            c)         Overseer’s.                                        d)         Any one of them                  Ans:d

31.       Registered bag containing cash bag should be sealed by

            a)         Date seal                                           b)         Cash seal
            c)         Insured seal                                      d)         None of these                       Ans:c

32.       BO account bag received in the account office should be opened by

a)                 Sub account assistant
b)                 Sub account assistant in presence of Treasurer
c)                  Treasurer
d)                 Treasurer in presence of Sub account assistant                                   Ans:d
           (Prepared by AB Kantharaja. Mobile 08969822340, )
33.       Cash bag received in account office should be opened by

            a)         Postmaster in presence of sub postmaster
            c)         Treasure in presence of sub  account assistant           
c)         Either A or B
d)         Neither A nor B                                                                                            Ans:b

34.       Remittance exchanged between two sub offices entered in ______ at HO

            a)         SO daily account                             b)         SO Slip
            d)         BO slip                                               d)         SO summary                         Ans:d(46)

35.       Mark incorrect option relating to  when In correct items noticed in a sub office daily account 

a)                 Should be communicated with sub postmaster with instructions as to how to adjust the error
b)                 A similar note should be made in the sub office daily account received from SO till the adjustment is carried out.
c)                  The daily account received from a SO should be returned for rectification of errors
d)                 None of these                                                                                               Ans:c

36.       Cash bag should be sealed by

            a)         Insured seal                                      b)         Cash seal and with black sealing wax    c)            Cash seal                                          d)         Any one of the above          Ans:c

37.       A BO bag sent a branch office by its account office must always contain BO slip and  it may contain

a)                 Postal order for issue/payment
b)                 Money order for payment
c)                  Cash bag containing cash/stamp, SB document, and saving certificates
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(61)

38.       Contents of BO bag sent by the BO to its account office must always contain BO daily count and it may contain

a)                 Paid and unpaid MOs                     b)         Paid postal order
c)         Cash bag with or without cash      d)         All the above                         Ans:d(65)

39.       Which of the following entry will be made in BO

a)                 To invoice remittance noting the details of cash( including stamps) sent to the branch office
b)                 To confirm the accuracy of the daily account last received from the BO by entering the balance in words and figure of last BO daily account
c)                  To Note the particulars of articles, documents, account office receipts, sent to the branch office.
d)                 To give instructions to the BPM whenever necessary
e)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:e(63)

40.       BO Slips are prepared in

            a)         Duplicate                                           b)         Single
            c)         Triplicate                                            d)         Quadruplicate                       Ans:a(63)

41.       Entries in BO slip are made and signed by

            a)         Sub postmaster                                b)         Treasure       
            c)         Sub account assistant                    d)         Any one of the above          Ans:c(63)

42.       Acquittance rolls should be signed by _______ and forwarded to_______

            a)         Sub account assistant, HO                        b)         Treasure, Account office
            c)         Postmaster, HO                                d)         Treasure, HO                        Ans:c(91)

43.       The acquittance rolls should not be detained in the SO beyond the _____ day of the month in which the pay is disbursed.

            a)         Next                                                    b)         Fifth
            c)         Tenth                                                  d)         Same                                      Ans:c(91)

44.       Authorized bal to SO are fixed by

            a)         Head of the circle                             b)         Sub divisional inspector
            c)         Regional PMG                                  d)         Supdt of Post office             Ans:d(102)

45.       The duties of Head postman is

a)                 To convey cash from and to the treasury or town SOs
b)                 To take out for delivery article that have been returned by other postman as unclaimed or refused
c)                  To work in the place of any postman who is temporarily absent
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(106)

46.       Mark the correct options relating village postman register.

a)                   Village postman register is Form 85 is kept by each postman
b)                   Address of the all article a/w No is to be entered in the register
c)                    The postage due on the unpaid article is  to be entered in this register.
d)                   All the above                                                                                                Ans:d(135)

47.       Mark the correct option relating to Village postman book

a)                 Village postman book is form 86 should be kept by each village postman
b)                 Before proceeding on his beat, the village postman must enter in it the date and day of the week on which he leaves the post office and the names of all villages that he required to visit.
c)                  As each village is visited, the village postman should obtain the signature of the Headman or other responsible person with date and time..
d)                 All the above                                                                                                 Ans:d(136)

48.       The cash bag should always be sent to the account office by the BPM enclosed on the______

            a)         BO daily account                             b)         SO daily account
            c)         BO Slip                                              d)         SO slip                                   Ans:a

49.       BO Journal in form Pa 5 kept in

            a)         All BOs                                               b)         Selected BOs
            c)         Account office                                  d)         All the above                         Ans:a

50.       Book of BO receipts containing _______ pringed serialy numbered receipts in _____ is supplied to the _____

            a)         50, duplicate,            BO                             b)         100, triplicate, BO
            c)         100, duplicate, BO                           d)         100, duplicate, EDPO         Ans:c

(Prepared by AB Kantharaja. Mobile 08969822340, )

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