Known Issues - Sanchay Post Version 7.0

1.NSC IX Issue 10years
No provision for handling NSC IX Issue has been made in Sanchay Post. So, as per SB order no.30/2011 dated 30/11/2011 NSC IX Issue (stock maintenance & certificate issue) should be to be done manually.
2.SCS Extended Accounts Closure
For SCS Accounts closed after completion of 8 years (extended accounts), interest for no. of days elapsed from date of maturity to date of closure is erroneously calculated at the rate of 9%.
  • Post Maturity has to be paid for completed months only at SB rates of interest.
  • Post Maturity Interest should be calculated manually at the time of closure.
3.SCS accounts extended after April 2012
  • For SCS Accounts extended after 01/04/2012, the interest rate should be at the prevailing rate, i.e. 9.3%. Software will calculate interest based on the date of opening of the account, i.e. 9%.
  • For these accounts, send the account number along with POCode being used in Sanchay Post to '' for solution.
4.Transfer-in of SCS extended accounts
For SCS extended accounts opened as transfer-in, open the SCS account as transferred-in with 21 withdrawals through online module. If one year has elapsed from the date of maturity, then send the account number allotted at the transferee office along with POCode being used in Sanchay Post to '' for solution.
5.Maturity Date of NSC VIII Issue - 5years
No modification is done in Sanchay Post regarding the calculation of maturity period in respect of NSC VIII Issue - 5 years certificates. The maturity date of NSC VIII Issue certificates issued in Sanchay Post will be calculated on the basis of 6 years only and displayed as such in the case of 5 years certificates also.

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